Interaction Program with National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) completed

On the 16th of Nov 2017 National Land Right Forum Nepal organized an interaction program with National Reconstruction Authority entitled 'Effectiveness of the Land Registration Committee of National Reconstruction Authority' at Singhadurbar, Kathmandu. A total of 66 individuals (44 male 22 female, 8 Dalit 2 Madhesi 30 Janjati and 26 Others) participated in the program who consisted of earthquake affected people from 11 districts of Nepal, representatives of  NLRF Nepal, Community Self Reliance Centre, and other various organizations working on the same issue. Earthquake affected landless people from these districts clearly and directly expressed their problems to the concerned stakeholders. As a result, NRA has promised to carry out land measurement on the basis of old settlement of the plots of land that were not measured before, mobilize a team to carry out the geological study of the places that are in high risk due to the effects of the earthquake, proceed further with the process of registering the plots of land that NRA is supposed to and has also promised to carryout the activities at the district level effectively.